Monday, November 24, 2014

When you work HARD, the RESULTS will come!

You are doing a great thing for YOURSELF and for your FAMILY by making a step in the right direction to wanting to be more healthy! 

Making a plan of how you are going to reach your goals, whether they are short-term or long-term goals is crucial. Being specific in how you are going to achieve them is also important. 

Take your journey a day at a time. Once you know your Health & Fitness goals, then take the time each day to work on them. You will have good days and bad days, but be consistent and get right back up if you fall. Failing is ok to do, it helps you to learn and grow. 
Do what you need to, to get in your workout, eat something healthy for the day.

AND THEN . . .

Celebrate your progress and successes!

Monday, November 17, 2014

WHO wants to live a Healthier Lifestyle!

Many women give OF themselves more than they give TO themselves.  This is very common in a Mother. And this is very common in a woman who was made by God to nurture and multitask so that she can take care of the people in her life. So we as women, put our family first and then by the time our kids or our spouse has been taken care of, we have little time for our-self. 

I love the book


written by Kathryn Sansone

It is a great book I have read and re-read for years. If you want to borrow it let me know. 
It is about how she juggles her 10 children, yet still has time for herself and her and her families health. It is a quick read and she breaks it down on how she manages her time in order to put her first, but yet take care of herself always.

So, we know it is important to take the time to do the things daily that will help our health like exercising and eating healthy, getting enough sleep, taking our vitamins, etc. 

This blog will be full of healthy tips for you, support, and motivation to help you in your journey toward a healthy and happier life. My Challenge groups through facebook are more one-on-one coaching, so get with me to be added to my next one!

My weekly meal plans will also be a great benefit to you so that you have each meal planned out for the day throughout the week.  I will also be blogging about how to be consistent and plan out your weekly meals and your exercise routine.


Friday, November 14, 2014

What I offer as a Health & Fitness Coach

My dream has come true! I am starting to do what I love which is helping others in their journey to a healthy and happier life! 

I have started my own business being a Health & Fitness Coach.
I have been thinking about this and first got started with the idea of sharing with 
Healthy Meal Plan 
that I send out weekly!!

First one is FREE! So you can check it out and see what I offer.

Then the idea came from a friend of mine in my old, old, ward growing up, to coach others how to live a Healthy Lifestyle!

I love motivating women to reach their potential!
So this is it!  I love the programs that Beachbody have and I used to teach Turbo Kick in college.
Beachbody is a great company that sells great fitness programs like those you have  already heard before: P90X, Insanity, 21 day fix, Turbo Fire (my favorite), PiYO, and many more!

So I have decided to be a Team Beachbody Coach and join in on their Challenge to lose weight and live a healthy fulfilling life!  I drink their meal replacement shake called SHAKEOLOGY! It tastes yummy and is very healthy for you! I love that I am getting all the nutrients my body needs in an easy, simple shake and you get all the nutrients needed for a full day! Yeah! It makes me feel good and energized!

I have also wanted to start this BLOG for some time where women can go to be motivated with healthy recipes, tips and many other ideas. I will be giving you ideas of how you can plan out your schedule so you have the time for the most important things in your life. Making changes to our eating and exercise habits will help us, so that we feel better and have more energy for those important things!

So to summarize what I offer as your Health & Fitness Coach:
 to learn more!
  •  Monthly Challenge Groups (thru Facebook) to help you stay motivated and supported through your journey of weight loss, shaping & toning, maintaining your weight- whatever it is you need to live a healthier life. (this part works so well for us women!)

  • Contact me if you ever want to order amazing BEACHBODY programs and  or if you would like to become a coach with me, I can add you to a Behind The Scenes of Coaching group on facebook to learn more!

I have much more planned for the future including:
  • Teaching TurboKick in the North Ogden/Farr West/ Pleasant View/ Harrisville/ Willard area!   (I haven't picked a place yet!!)
  • Biggest Loser Challenges (I have done one before and so many women did great!)
  • This blog will be updated a couple times a week so check back often and follow it!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I am excited to help you to reach a Healthier Lifestyle for YOU and for your family.

Your Health & Fitness Coach,

Melissa Jenkins

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why I Love Health & Fitness!

I truly love every aspect of Health and taking care of our bodies physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.  Anything that can help our bodies and minds to benefit us in a positive way is great!
I specifically love the Physical aspect of Health. What nutrients we put into our body and how we take care of our physical body by being active and keeping our body safe.  
I came to love to learn about Health & Fitness in High School but it mostly started after it when I started into College. I of course didn't want to gain the Freshman 15, but I did. My family has struggled through diet after diet and I since graduating from College, I have wanted to help them and motivate them to eat healthier and take the steps needed to make better choices in their eating and exercise habits.

I am excited to help others to be healthier and to make choices each day to eat better and be active.
I chose to be a Health and Fitness Coach because I love to help others by giving them a challenge group to connect with regularly. This blog will be a resource of motivation and support that gives ideas on how to better your health, prepare healthy meals, easy organization and planning ideas for busy families and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014


Welcome to ON THE GO Healthy Moms!

I am so excited to start this blog! It has been a long time coming. I have always wanted to have my own blog, but to be able to write about what I love and am PASSIONATE about makes it even better!!
I love everything that has to do with Health.
Eating Healthy, Fitness, Teaching our kids to be healthy. Being the best we can be and taking care of ourselves.

I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Promotion and Nutrition Education and am so excited to finally share with others why it is so important to work hard towards your health. The more you work hard and create healthy habits, the easier it will become.
Being a mother of 3 young children, I have found it is hard to find the time, get the energy and take care of yourself when you have little ones that need your constant attention. But if we do take care of our health, then we find the time and energy to eat healthy and exercise and take care of our kids.

This blog isn't just for moms, but for all women out there that are striving to be healthier and happier. I love motivating women of all types to become healthy.
For my last semester in college I completed my internship. It will be something I will never forget. I helped obese women to workout, eat healthy and then in just 4 short months, walk/jog a half marathon! It was such an accomplishment for these women to do this.

I am very happy to get back into doing what I love, helping women to reach their health and fitness goals. It is very important to understand why our body needs healthy nutrients and exercise.

 This blog is a place where you can come to be inspired, motivated and supported! I will have healthy tips, recipes with nutrition information, work-out ideas, videos, motivation, and much more!

I will be here coaching you along and assisting you in any way you need to become the person, mother, wife, sister, daughter, whomever YOU want to be.

My healthy posts will be a resource to you in your journey of making a lifestyle change to be healthy and happy!

Your Health & Fitness Coach,


Saturday, November 8, 2014


I can't wait for this blog to start! I have so much information to share with Moms of all types on how they can be Healthy amidst all the chaos!
See you soon!

See you soon!