Friday, November 14, 2014

What I offer as a Health & Fitness Coach

My dream has come true! I am starting to do what I love which is helping others in their journey to a healthy and happier life! 

I have started my own business being a Health & Fitness Coach.
I have been thinking about this and first got started with the idea of sharing with 
Healthy Meal Plan 
that I send out weekly!!

First one is FREE! So you can check it out and see what I offer.

Then the idea came from a friend of mine in my old, old, ward growing up, to coach others how to live a Healthy Lifestyle!

I love motivating women to reach their potential!
So this is it!  I love the programs that Beachbody have and I used to teach Turbo Kick in college.
Beachbody is a great company that sells great fitness programs like those you have  already heard before: P90X, Insanity, 21 day fix, Turbo Fire (my favorite), PiYO, and many more!

So I have decided to be a Team Beachbody Coach and join in on their Challenge to lose weight and live a healthy fulfilling life!  I drink their meal replacement shake called SHAKEOLOGY! It tastes yummy and is very healthy for you! I love that I am getting all the nutrients my body needs in an easy, simple shake and you get all the nutrients needed for a full day! Yeah! It makes me feel good and energized!

I have also wanted to start this BLOG for some time where women can go to be motivated with healthy recipes, tips and many other ideas. I will be giving you ideas of how you can plan out your schedule so you have the time for the most important things in your life. Making changes to our eating and exercise habits will help us, so that we feel better and have more energy for those important things!

So to summarize what I offer as your Health & Fitness Coach:
 to learn more!
  •  Monthly Challenge Groups (thru Facebook) to help you stay motivated and supported through your journey of weight loss, shaping & toning, maintaining your weight- whatever it is you need to live a healthier life. (this part works so well for us women!)

  • Contact me if you ever want to order amazing BEACHBODY programs and  or if you would like to become a coach with me, I can add you to a Behind The Scenes of Coaching group on facebook to learn more!

I have much more planned for the future including:
  • Teaching TurboKick in the North Ogden/Farr West/ Pleasant View/ Harrisville/ Willard area!   (I haven't picked a place yet!!)
  • Biggest Loser Challenges (I have done one before and so many women did great!)
  • This blog will be updated a couple times a week so check back often and follow it!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I am excited to help you to reach a Healthier Lifestyle for YOU and for your family.

Your Health & Fitness Coach,

Melissa Jenkins

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