Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why I Love Health & Fitness!

I truly love every aspect of Health and taking care of our bodies physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.  Anything that can help our bodies and minds to benefit us in a positive way is great!
I specifically love the Physical aspect of Health. What nutrients we put into our body and how we take care of our physical body by being active and keeping our body safe.  
I came to love to learn about Health & Fitness in High School but it mostly started after it when I started into College. I of course didn't want to gain the Freshman 15, but I did. My family has struggled through diet after diet and I since graduating from College, I have wanted to help them and motivate them to eat healthier and take the steps needed to make better choices in their eating and exercise habits.

I am excited to help others to be healthier and to make choices each day to eat better and be active.
I chose to be a Health and Fitness Coach because I love to help others by giving them a challenge group to connect with regularly. This blog will be a resource of motivation and support that gives ideas on how to better your health, prepare healthy meals, easy organization and planning ideas for busy families and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!

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