Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tips for Staying Organized in the New YEAR

How are you going to stay Organized for this New Year?

Making sure you are set up for SUCCESS is crucial for your Health.

Here are your tips for getting yourself ready and organized this year.

Tip #1
No Matter How Busy You Are,
Take The Time To Make Your Health A PRIORITY!

Tip #2

Set Your Schedule for EXERCISE
  • Know how many times a week you will be exercising.
  • Know what exercise you will be doing.
  • Don't miss your workout even if you can only fit in 10, 15, 20 minutes.
  • Change up your workout every couple of months so your body has a different change which will make for different results!
Tip #3

Write up your MEAL PLAN each week, before the week starts. 
Shop before the week starts and prep your food also. Doing this will set you up for a smoother week. Stick to your meal plan as much as you can. Try out my FREE meal plan which gives you healthy ideas and recipes for all meals of the day, including snacks!



Tell others like your spouse, mother, friend(s) that this is your year and YOU are serious about getting Healthier! Tell them exactly what you are going to do! Let them know you want them to be your Accountability partner and check in with them often.

Doing these Tips will keep you Healthy, so write down your plan, your Goals for the
New Year, and set your schedule NOW!


Monday, December 29, 2014

Creating Good Habits for 2015

We all have our own vision of what we want to be, do, and we want to BE and DO it all sometimes.

And those other times, we just want to give up because it is sometimes too hard, or we fail some days.

We as women want to get there all at once! And we know it takes time and effort. Some days we feel on top of it. Our house is cleaned, we have our meals planned out, bills paid, exercised, and ready for the day! Other days are just the opposite.

So, by taking the steps in the right direction and knowing what we want and striving for that, we can still become who we want to be. But it just takes time. If you have made a bad habit for yourself, it will take creating a good habit and steps along the way to get there.

So make a plan for how you are going to be healthier and happier this year!

And know that you will have your ups and downs, but to just keep on working hard. Those who are successful are those that have failed along the way. Just pick yourself back up! And keep going!

I loved this post over at Creative Savings Blog that explains the Power of Mini Habits.

Click on the picture above and it will take you to the post!

Pick one bad habit that you are going to turn into a Good Habit this year and follow these steps on her blog to start with mini-habits that will make changes in yourself and lead you this year to creating ONE BIG GOOD HABIT that will, with time, SET you up for SUCCESS!


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Turkey Hummus Veggie-Wich

I love cooking a turkey and using it on sandwiches, in pasta salads, soups, you name it!

Sprinkle your turkey with salt and pepper and cook according to size of turkey!

Once cooked, slice up, dice up, shred up- And FREEZE!

Here is a yummy sandwich you can make with your sliced up turkey.


Make your favorite Hummus recipe:

Classic Hummus
  • 3 cans (14.5 Oz.) Garbanzo Beans aka Chickpeas, Rinsed And Drained
  • 1/3 cup Plus 1 Tablespoon Tahini
  • 3 cloves Garlic, Chopped, Or More To Taste
  • 1/2 whole Lemon, Juiced
  • 1/2 teaspoon Ground Cumin, Or More To Taste
  • Salt To Taste
  • Fresh Basil Or Italian Parsley
  • 3 Tablespoons To 5 Tablespoons Cold Water
  • 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
Preparation Instructions:
Combine chickpeas with all ingredients, except water and olive oil, in a blender or food processor.
Pulse until mixture becomes somewhat smooth and combined, but do not over mix.
Add water as necessary to facilitate blending. At the end, add olive oil and pulse no more than three times, just to incorporate.
Pour mixture into a bowl and stir to ensure mixture is combined. Serve immediately or refrigerate for up to three days in the fridge. It's a great dip for pita chips or veggies!


Now for the sandwich: 

4 Slices cooked Turkey
2 T. prepared Hummus

2 slices whole wheat bread (toasted if desired)

¼ medium avocado, mashed

½ medium cucumber, sliced

1 cup alfalfa sprouts

¾ oz swiss cheese (sliced)

Spread Hummus on one slice of bread. Top with avocado, cucumber, sprouts, cheese, and second slice of bread. (Can add tomato slice to this)

This recipe was in my Healthy Meal plan for Dec 22-28. Go to my website 

to get my FREE Healthy Meal plan, and sign up monthly to receive them each week!

Learn more about them here

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you like this sandwich, it is delicious!