Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Meal Prep Steps

Today I have a fun post about how to prep for the week so that you are ready before the busy week begins.  I suggest prepping your meals as soon as you get home from the grocery store! This way it will get done and you will be ready to make your meals each day. Preparing will take less time during the week when you are rushed to get dinner on the table, or when you have a change of plans and you end up being away from home when you and your kids need a snack to tide you over.

Here are some Meal Prep STEPS to help you to be ready for your week before it creeps up on you:
  1. Print out your recipes and shopping list.  My weekly meal plan gives you recipes and ideas for each meal of the day, including snacks and it also gives you a shopping list. So make sure you print it out as soon as you get it!
  2. Have your kitchen counter cleared off before you go to the grocery store.
  3. Take food out of grocery bags and place on your cleared counter by category.
    • Put all of your fruits and vegetable with a cutting board and knife in one area. Wash and cut up according to recipe for the week.  Then bag them and label what meal it is for.
      • Cut up your lettuce into salad spinner, add veggies you want to it. Put in fridge.
    • Do the same for your meat.  Cook what meat you can, or add to a bag with other ingredients for crock pot meals! I freeze all my cooked meats and when the time is ready to make the meal, I unthaw in fridge the night before.
  4. Cook or put together any other recipe that can be store in the fridge or pantry.  For example, hummus dip or granola for yogurt parfaits. Boil hardboiled eggs, etc.
Doing these STEPS will help you so much during the week when life is crazy busy.  Watch for an upcoming post about how you can get the kids involved in helping out!

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