Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We bought a ZOO!

Have any of you seen the show "We bought a Zoo"

This quote was written by Benjamin Mee in his book, which later became a Hollywood film in which actor Matt Damon, played Benjamin.  It is a great story about his Family's obstacles they went through and how they overcame them. The book is great and so is the movie. Very inspiring!

You can read more about his story here

So when I read this quote I had to talk about overcoming our obstacles. 

Maybe an obstacle for you is getting back into working out, eating healthier. 
Maybe an obstacle for you is changing up your exercise routine to get different results and get past a plateau in your weight loss.
Maybe an obstacle for you is getting past any mental block that is keeping you from taking care of yourself physically, emotionally. Like taking of yourself first, so that you have the energy to take care of your family.

So whatever your obstacle is, think of the story of Benjamin Mee, and think of what he said, "it takes 20 seconds of INSANE COURAGE, and something great will come of it." 
Stepping outside of our comfort zones and being will to make a change. 

Once you overcome an obstacle and decide for you and for others around you that you are going to 
BE BRAVE, and take that next step- sometimes we don't know what will come of it- sometimes we do. But we won't know until we DO IT!

So I challenge you to overcome any obstacle you have been facing, have the courage, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone, and find out for YOU how it has changed your life. 


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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

When do you eat Unhealthy food?

Do you eat unhealthy food when you are bored, stressed, nervous, unprepared, worried.
 Think about those times when you find yourself not thinking about what is going into your mouth.

  • Do you anguish over each morsel?
  • Are you unaware that you are eating and how much has been eaten?
  • Do you eat whatever is in sight when you are in a hurry?
  • And do you grab-and -go unhealthy food when it is openly on the counter or at the office?
  • Do you eat food because you don't want it to go to waste, even if you are not hungry?

Emotional Eating is when you turn to food when you are bored, stressed, nervous, etc.
You don't consciously think about what you are going, or what you put into your mouth.

Do you try different diets because the last one didn't work?

 So, what triggers your emotional eating?

1. When do you eat?
2. Why did you eat? (what triggered your response to putting that unhealthy food in your mouth?)
3. What can your alternate HEALTHY solution be?

Answer these questions and think consciously the next time you are Hungry!

There are many reasons we turn to unhealthy food.  The first step is NOT BUYING IT! Not having it around your home, even if the kids want it, will help you to not go straight to it when you are hungry.

Convenience?  If you are prepared with healthy snacks you like, then when you are feeling hungry during the day, you won't rush to whatever is close to you like a snack machine at work.
When you are out and about at the grocery store, you know- don't go there hungry, otherwise you will buy everything that looks good in SIGHT! 

What happens when you are at work or a picnic with friends or any function when someone brings something unhealthy? Make sure you have your healthy snack in your bag that you will eat instead. If people know you are eating healthier, they hopefully will not bring it around you, but we all know that is hard to do. So again, be prepared!

Knowing when we turn to unhealthy food can help us to stop ourselves because we are consciously thinking about it. Eat in response to what your body needs, not what you are feeling.

Make food choices without experiencing guilt. Respect yourself and enjoy the pleasure of eating good healthy food.

Let me know what are your food triggers and what you are going to do to make a healthier solution.
Comment below.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Biggest Loser Contest

Hello friends!

I am so excited about my next 30 day Challenge 
where you can join me in getting in the best shape and getting rid of those unwanted pounds! 
You can win cash, just by losing weight!

Here is our team's webinar about the Contest-

Contact me for more details!
 It is a great way to stay accountable to your health & fitness goals
and I am here to help you every step of the way!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Benefits of Exercise

Have you ever just exercised, just to exercise and say you got it in for the day? 

There are many Benefits to Exercise, 
and when you enjoy doing something great for your body, 
that is when you really start to feel the benefits.


  • Improves your mood.
  • Gives you more energy and helps keep you focused.
  • Sharpens your memory and helps with learning.
  • Combats health condition and diseases by strengthening your immune system.
  • Promotes better sleep and helps you relax.
  • Improves digestion and eases constipation.
  •  Reduces stress, depression & anxiety.
  • Improves confidence and body image.
  •  Improves your character.

Get the most out of your workout activity, push your limits, feel the burn. 
The endorphins kick in and you are going to feel the excitement of doing something for yourself and for your body. The more you do this- the easier it gets and your body and mind will want it more than the excuses. You will put it as a priority. So I Challenge YOU to Challenge yourself. Push yourself. You will feel better and get the results you want!

Which of these could you Benefit from? Which benefits have you see happen in your life?

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Transformation Story & Easy Family Recipe

I am so excited to share with you today a wonderful Transformation Story from one of my good friends that used to be in my old ward.  

About 2 years ago I started up a Biggest Loser Challenge to help myself and others to work together to eat healthy and to exercise! This Challenge lasted 12 weeks! We had 10 ladies that were consistent in exercising and eating healthy. And they were consistent in their weigh in's each week! They put $1 in the pot and weighed in each week, for the 12 weeks! It was a great motivating challenge where we met at the track once a week! And did our own exercising as well.  
Total lbs lost between all 10 ladies that weighed in each week was 89 lbs!

So the winner of the Challenge was my good friend Tami Clark. She won $120! 

She lost 21 total lbs and 13% body weight lost!

Here is her before and after picture:

She didn't have that much to loose, but wanted join the challenge to help her get the rest of her weight off.

In her own words: "My daughter heard about Melissa's biggest loser challenge from a friend and wanted to join. I initially went because she didn't want to go alone. Melissa's positive approach was very motivating to me. She was very organized with menus and ideas to help. As I implemented these ideas I started to see the weight come off and I felt so much better! At the end of the challenge I had lost 21 pounds and could see muscles I hadn't seen in years. Thanks Melissa!"

Having the support and accountability with others around you helps so much in your weight loss Journey! She did great! It was so awesome seeing her progress each week!
Here is a YUMMY recipe that is great for the entire family, even my kids love it!  This is a recipe that is in my meal plans I provide. It is a healthy way to make a Spaghetti & Meatball dish! I implemented it from a Biggest Loser cookbook.

Here is the recipe:
Spirals & Meatballs
8 oz. Ronzoni Smart Taste rotini pasta
3 cups Main Event Marinara Sauce- heated
Olive Oil Spray
1 Cup minced yellow or white onion
2 Tablespoon freshly minced garlic
1 28 ounce can crushed tomatoes
1/4 Cup Water
2 Tablespoon No-Salt-Added tomato paste
2 Teaspoon Honey
1 Tablespoon dried oregano
2 Teaspoon dried basil
1/2 Teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
Salt to taste

Spray a medium nonstick saucepan with the olive oil spray and place over medium heat. Add the onion and garlic and cook until just becoming tender (they should not brown), 4 to 6 minutes. Reduce the heat to low and with a wooden spoon stir in the tomatoes, water, tomato paste, honey, oregano, basil, and pepper flakes until well combined. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally, for at least 1 hour. Season with salt, if needed.
New Favorite Meatballs- heated up
olive oil spray
2 egg whites
1/2 c quick cooking oats
1/4 c skim milk
1/2 c fresh parsley
1 tbsp minced onion- I used onion powder
1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/2/tsp garlic powder
1/4tsp salt
1 pound ground turkey or 96% lean ground beef

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray cookie sheet with spray.

In a medium bowl, using a fork mix together the egg whites, oats and milk until well combined. Add the parsley, onion, oregano, garlic and salt until well combined. Mix in the beef until well combined.

Make 32 ( I got 36) uniform meatballs, each 1 1/4 diameter. Roll the balls with your hands and arrange, not touching on the prepared baking dish. Bake 7-10 minutes. I baked for 15-20 minutes.
Here is the recipe for it all:
            Cook the pasta, drain. Divide the pasta. Top with sauce and meatballs. Sprinkle 1 tsp. of Parmesan cheese over each bowl and serve.


I am starting another BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE on February 2nd for those that are interested in learning more, contact me via Facebook, email, call or Text! More details to come!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Free Healthy Meal Plan

Did you know I offer Weekly Healthy Meal Plans?

You can learn the details on the tab above labeled
or click on this picture

To get your FREE Healthy Meal Plan, you can go to 

Here you can try it out and see what is offered!

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Busy Mom Exercise Routine

Hello everyone!
Let's start our week out GREAT!

I have got some ideas for what YOU can do to keep yourself exercising
when life gets busy and chaotic!

I love this quote and it reminds me of two things: One- my KIDS!
And Two- taking care of myself as a Woman!

What can you be doing to get yourself into an Exercise Routine this year?

I am guest posting over at my awesome friend's blog- Shambray, her blog is so inspiring and real.
Click on this link below to read how to fit in your exercise as a busy MOM!

So, head on over there to learn more about how to get into an exercise routine

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Free Health & Fitness Challenges

Once a month I will be doing a Free Challenge Group through facebook that anyone is welcome to join! They are so much fun! And they usually lasts 5-6 days long. The group is so motivating in helping you to stay active and healthy. 

Any fitness level, any age, AND bring a friend to join with you!

Watch for my challenges each month on facebook and this blog!

They are SO MUCH FUN!