Monday, February 2, 2015

Heart Healthy Dinner for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is my favorite time of the year- truly!

Not only do we choose to show extra special attention to the ones we love, but we get to make a very special meal for them! Taking the time to make something homemade really shows your spouse and family how much you care.

In the past I have made Chicken Parmesan, Roast & Potatoes, the famous Spaghetti. 

But this year I plan on making Manicotti, our favorite vegetable- Broccoli, and some homemade Wheat Bread. And I wanted to share the recipes with YOU!

Head on over to my good Friend SHAMBRAY's Blog where you can get the recipes and the yummy dessert!

click here

With all the yummy candy and treats that come along with Love Day, making a Healthier meal will help balance out the special day and help you to show extra love to those around you.  Life gets busy and sometimes we don't always remember to take the time to show those around us how much we really love them. ENJOY!

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