Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How to LOVE Healthy Food

Having a LOVE/HATE relationship with healthy food isn't good for you.
So I wanted to give you a couple of tips on how you can enjoy eating healthy and be happy that you are taking in the nutrients your body needs.

Tip #1
Eat healthy food in a variety of ways. Try cooking a veggie a different way, add different spices, use a healthy dip for them. Change up a favorite meal and make it a bit healthier. Try new foods and then try them again. Just like a child doesn't like a food for the first time, if introduced to it at least 10 times, they grow to like it, or even LOVE it!

Tip #2
Be consistent with incorporating them into your day. Buy them and don't throw them away, instead prepare them the way you like best and have them readily available when you are on the go and in your fridge.

Tip #3
Understand what nutrients your body is craving. When you are feeling hungry or even snacky, think of what food group you haven't ate from that day. If you are missing some protein, or a veggie, go to that food first. Our bodies want good nutrients, they even crave them, just as when we crave water and feel dehydrated. Listen to your body.

 Throw out the myths you hear about healthy foods. For example, the myth that eating healthy is expensive. Buy fruits, veggies, meats, and other healthy foods when in season. Choose to not buy processed, unhealthy foods as those are just as expensive and not as filling.

Tip #5
Know the reason WHY it is important to you to eat nutritiously. Tell yourself right now what that reason(s) are and always go back to them when you are thinking about an unhealthy food, or placed before a plate full of cookies.

You can LOVE to eat healthy foods more and more each day. Make them a part of your meals, and your family will start to eat them more too.

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