Thursday, February 19, 2015

What is the Secret to Being Healthy & Happy

It's not always easy to put your health as a priority.
We are busy, with families to take care of.
But here are a couple of tips I have for YOU!

I think the Secret to being healthy & happy is to realize that you don't have to be perfect all the time. To make it your goal to live a healthy & active life with your family, but to realize that some days you will have bad days. The key is to pick yourself right back up.

Another big key to living a healthy & happy lifestyle is to STAY IN CONTROL.  Mentally think about each decision. And if you find yourself in front of the candy or snacking aisle, for example, tell yourself that you will only buy one small candy and then get on with your day. Temptations are all around us, but knowing they don't make us feel any better in the end, and thinking ahead can make it easier on us. But with that being said, YOU will have slip ups, YOU will fail, WE all do! 

So get right back to doing what makes you feel good. And take care of your body and your families.

Another very important tip, is to get into a ROUTINE of being PREPARED with a Meal Plan
the weekend before your Monday starts. So have an idea of what you will have for each meal and healthy snacks. Have a shopping list, go shopping, and right when you get home- prep your next weeks snacks and meals that you can so you are ready for the next week!.

Being prepared and have a Routine of knowing what you will do each day for exercise and what time. This is another big important decision to make. And then sometimes something will come up, out of our control, but make it a priority to get your workout in the first part of your day. Whether you get up early before work or before kids wake up. Or get it done as soon as kids have had their breakfast.

Setting yourself up for Success will help you to reach your goals.

Last TIP! 

Write down your Goals! Set them to be realistic and specific and look back on them each day/week to see if you are reaching them, and if not, write down what it will take for you to reach them-

Knowing and applying these steps and taking it a day at a time. You will start to create some really good habits! But realizing we are all human and will have slip ups- get right back to it!

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