Friday, February 6, 2015

Why I decided to be a Health & Fitness Coach with Beachbody

My Story!

I gained the infamous Freshman 15 after high school, tried to lose it before I got married and that didn’t happen, and since then was never able to lose the weight. I was always hitting a plateau.  I am a mother of 3 kids, my last child was 10 lbs! I hit 170 lbs! I don't know if I am done having children yet- maybe 1 more, but I was sick of always being at a certain weight- I would lose the weight from my babies slowly after having them, but I would eventually hit a plateau! And wasn’t able to reach my goal weight so many times I tried. I would give in to my excuses of being too busy with kids and would put half of myself into going to the gym, working out and sometimes would push myself, but then fall back into my excuses. And then it would be weeks before I would go to the gym again. Vicious cycle. I was sick of hitting a plateau after a year of having my child and not getting any results. 

But then I realized if I wanted to feel and look different, I had to do something different! So I knew my body would need a change and I needed to UP MY GAME! I wanted to lose more, but it wasn’t happening- I realized if I wanted different results, I needed to change something different. 

I have always loved being healthy and exercising, but as a MOM- sometimes wouldn't take care of myself first. I decided to become a coach through an old friend- we reconnected and I saw all her posts and decided to ask her about it! I pretty much knew before we talked- I was in! 

I had tried P90X before with my husband, was a group fitness instructor teaching TURBO KICK before kids and I was ready to make a change! I signed up almost 3 months ago and am LOVING IT! I love helping women to be healthy and to put themselves first! I started wanting to work on myself and my results first, but decided to jump in and help others as well! It has been a great way to keep myself accountable and motivated! And I have made so many new friends and reconnected with old ones along the way!

I am HAPPY to say, since starting into Coaching, and a HUGE believer in Shakeology helping my progress- I have gotten past my plateau and am at a weight I haven’t been in since high school! Most importantly I feel great and I feel like I can do just about anything I set my mind to! I love helping others to get past the mental block of “I can’t do it” And helping them reach their goals as well!

Here is my before picture when I started my Beachbody Journey in November 2014. I was ready to make a change and loose the rest of my weight and get over a plateau I have been desperately wanting to get past for a LONG time!

After picture- 10 lbs lost using Turbo Fire workouts and drinking Shakeology each morning for a meal replacement. But most importantly for me is the energy I have gained and confidence!

Stay tuned for my after picture when I am finished with my 21 day FIX journey to lose the rest of my weight and my focus of getting more in shape and toned!

I love helping others to be healthy & fit! I also love  providing support and motivation to other by giving tips, healthy meal plans, but just as important, a program that will help them to get results and get the accountability they need to succeed in their health & fitness goals.

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