Monday, March 30, 2015

Being a Busy Healthy Mom

I think a BIG factor in our health is what we fuel our body with. Nutrition is 80% of our results.

When I first started my thinking of how I wanted to provide healthy meal plans, 
I approached my brother Garrett.

I have always liked searching for new recipes and figuring out how to make them healthier.  
I would do my own meal plan, but wasn't consistent.  

So I thought this was a great way for me to share my healthy meal plans and recipes and be accountable in doing so.

Being busy is just what automatically happens when you are a Mom.
But being healthy takes work, practice, dedication and consistency.
You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be consistent and get right back to doing those things that are going to make you healthy & happy. Don't wait for Monday to come around. Start right back at the next meal, or the next day. We are worth it! Our kids will see our efforts.

My brother said he would help me set up a website so I could give out the first healthy meal plan for FREE.

So I needed to decide a name for my new endeavor and my BLOG.

I wanted it to be focused toward MOM's, and especially Mothers that were busy, and wanted it to be healthy and very easy, simple recipes.

So I thought, and I thought, and then it came to me . . .

On-The-Go Healthy Moms
On-The Go Healthy Meal Plans

So thanks to Garrett- he put my website together for me

and I started creating my weekly healthy meal plans

Here you can get your first meal plan for free and decide if you want to continue to receive them and pay each month, only $3.95- more details here.

What a journey it has been to share with busy MOM's, women, and anyone interested in learning more on this blog as I share ideas on how to be healthier and happier.

Thanks to all of you for joining along and for sharing with others.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Small changes make a BIG difference

Small Changes make a BIG difference.

Which way will you go?

Make good changes toward your health, instead of the changes that will lead you away from the direction you want to take.  

Good results will come from those steps in the right direction from your daily actions.

What small changes have you made?

What small changes do you want to make that will lead you to those BIG results?

Those small changes in the right direction will add up over time.

Here are some ideas:

click to enlarge
Your health is so important and what you fuel your body with will give you the energy you need to do the many things you need to do in your day.

Make healthy choices that will lead you to where you want to be. Even if they are simple and small at first, they will add up and compound over time and you will realize how far you have come.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

How to Involve the Family in being active & Healthy

Involving everyone in your family to be active and healthy is so important.

Let those that you live with you know that you are all going to be supporting each other to be active more and eat healthier.  And even letting other extended family members see that this is how you will be eating sets a good example and they will know not to offer you a treat or drink.

Do not do this alone!  Our bodies were made to be cared for, they need exercise and they need nutrients. So everyone in the family needs this support. Whether a member needs to lose weight, gain, maintain their weight or needs to eat healthier and be active for other medical reasons. This is a part of life and helping each other in the process is crucial.

As a family, plan and prepare healthy meals together.  Make a list of family favorite foods right now.  Try new foods, try new meals.  Plan out the families meals and snacks together. Drink only water at each meal. Once your list is ready, take turns or go grocery shopping together.  Read the labels on food packages and educate each other.  

When you are home from shopping involve everyone to put the packages away, prepare the fruits and vegetables for the week, and cook up what can be stored in the fridge.

Teach little one's in the family what they can help with. Cook the meal together or give each family member a day where they are in charge.  And sit down as a family and eat your healthy, nutritious meal you just planned and prepared together.

Along with eating healthy together as a family, the other just as important step to do is to 
BE ACTIVE together!  Find what the family likes to all do, or figure out a new activity to try. Do this at least once a week and plan it into your busy schedule. 

Hope these tips will help you. I am excited to see how you will involve your family! Comment below!

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Monday, March 9, 2015

What is your favorite type of Workout?

What is your favorite type of workout?

<>Do you like to use equipment, or do your own exercises as part of your workout?

<>Do you like to Walk/Jog/Run Outdoors or Indoors?

<>Do you like to Workout from Home using DVD's or video's online?

<> Do you like to workout at the Gym and attend Aerobic classes or use the cardio and weight machines?

What workout do you find yourself enjoying the most and for what reason?

Head on over to my good friend Shambray's BLOG
click here
where you can learn more about what exercises you can do when you are busy so that you can fit in a 30 minute or less workout that will lead you to be healthier each day! 

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Buy Organic Fruits & Veggies or NOT?

Should you pay the extra money to buy organic fruits and vegetables?

Organic produce–even what’s in season–will generally be more expensive than non-organic produce.

But does paying more equal out to better health or your food being safe?  The answer is sometimes yes, but not always.  Whether or not to buy organic really depends on the food itself, as some fruits and vegetables get hit with a lot more pesticides than others.  I love this printable that explains what food you can honestly save money on by buying non-organic.

This “Clean 15″ and “Dirty Dozen” list from Living Well Spending Less blog is a great place to start.

Hope this helped you to answer any questions you had about Organic Fruits & Veggies!
My free meal plan is always up to date with the freshest, in season fruits and vegetables to help you save money on your grocery budget.
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