Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Showing our Kids how to live LIFE to the Fullest!

Our kids need to see us being active, being healthy.

BUT, most importantly, not being down on ourselves when we aren't all the time.

They need to see struggles.
They need to see our strengths.
They need to see how we learn from life
and how to get past a struggle.
I am working on this myself.
Sometimes in life we want to give up.
Those are the bad days.
But the good days outweigh those bad days.
So set an example for your kids.
Be their HERO.
Show them how to rise from adversity.
I don't post very many pictures of my kids, but this one has to be shared.

I look at this picture often to be reminded of that what I am doing,
well . . . my kids are watching.
This makes me happy to know that they are learning about being healthy
which makes us happy. 
"Having a Healthy body" is what she wrote. WOW! I hope she always remembers that. As I teach her that having a healthy body doesn't mean having a perfect body, but a body that makes you feel good, mentally, physically, emotionally. In all aspects.
I am thankful for this.
I am thankful for this new journey.
To show my kids how important it is to be Healthy & Happy, 
amidst what others show us in this world.

Set an example to your kids of being active often, and eating those foods that fuel your body and give you the energy, and less of the guilt.

I will always remember this day I took this picture. It was our time as a MOM & daughter. And I had gone to the store to get a treat for our Friday night! Pretty funny! But I picked up this white board. My daughter came up to show me what she drew. She is my little artist. And I was so proud.

We want our kids to learn to be healthy. And we can teach them this by our example and what we do each day and by being better each day. They will know how to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. 
Because being healthy makes us happy.

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  1. I love this post. This is exactly what I want Hannah to learn from me and being a good example is the best way to show her. Thanks for sharing.