Friday, May 15, 2015

Team YOU Priority

It's exciting to see my Team grow.

When I first signed up as a Coach, I knew I really wanted to work on myself. 
I wanted to inspire my family and those around me.
I wanted to show others how important it is to
 be Healthy for YOU!

It is so motivating to be in Challenge groups and on a "TEAM" and to inspire and help each other along through our health & fitness journeys. Those that I coach and join these groups with don't realize it, but they inspire me to be better, to get in my exercise, to eat healthier, to eat less sweets- and to BE MORE ACCOUNTABLE.

I have decided on a name for my Team. It is Team YOU Priority. YOU stands for Yourself first, Others Always and Us Together.

If we are always taking the time for Others- Our family, our friends, etc. But making sure we take care of Yourself first, you will have the energy to take care of Others.

And being around those that are positive and working towards same goals as you- to be Healthier and Happier- that is what I want for those I coach, inspire and those that want to do this with me.

Some people ask me if they have to know all about Health, Nutrition, Fitness, etc.

The answer is NO- we all know how important it is to be Healthy- and to care about other people's health is all YOU NEED! 

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