Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Must have foods in my Fridge

There are certain foods that if not in my Fridge, well then my family and I starve!

Just kidding! I've got my freezer, pantry and food storage to eat from.

But my Fridge is my go-to, otherwise I eat to many carbs/starches

if I don't have my Fridge stocked.

Here are my Must Have foods in my Fridge.

Milk/Almond Milk
Fruit (lasts longer if in the fridge or freezer)
Whole Wheat Bread or Sandwich Thins
Natural Jelly 
Plain Yogurt- use to cook with in place of sour cream
Greek Yogurt
Yogurt based dressing
Turkey Bacon
Cheese- block or *shredded
Feta Cheese
String Cheese
Cottage Cheese
*Whole Wheat Tortillas
Deli Meat (low sodium)
*Cooked diced and shredded chicken- ready to be added to any meal
*Cooked ground turkey
Cooked brown rice

What are your Must Have's in your fridge?
*Some food can be stored in your freezer, just pull them out to thaw

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