Tuesday, July 21, 2015

{Health & Fitness} Inspiration Board

I put together this Inspiration Board to give others out there an idea of someplace they can go to
to feel inspired and to be reminded of their dreams and their reasons WHY they chose to begin their Health & Fitness journey.

I am a very visual person, so sometimes I need to be reminded by something visual. 
I picked up this cardboard at Walmart for $2,
For the title you can put anything, you can put one inspirational word, a phrase, Your name.

 and started cutting through some old fitness magazine and other magazines I had laying around the house. I cut out anything that inspired me.  I also wrote down on a scratch piece of paper my vision of where I wanted to be in the future according to my goals and dreams.

You could have the focus of your Inspiration Board be on
  • Weigh loss journey- posting "before" picture and having a spot for your "after"
    •  Make sure to take a side and back shot- flex your arm muscle too!
      Type up a quote, My Goals/Dreams, My Journey
    • make a spot where you can put in your Goal weight and each week/month your progress
    •  Add your cut out inspiration pictures that will inspire you! Lastly, make sure you write your Goals and steps on how you will reach them. Be specific.
Your board can even be for a Fitness competition- if you are going to compete. It can also be for Family dreams & where you want to see you & your family health wise & being active.

So to get started, start with a long-term goal and where you see yourself 1-5 or more years down the road. What does your life look like. What do you want to have accomplished.

Then break it down and ask yourself, what do I need to do to get there.

Look through magazines, print off pictures/words, start compiling lots of papers, quotes that inspire you, put pictures of the things the motivate you- like your family, hobbies you like to do, places you want to go, a past picture of you at a healthy weight, and then start creating your inspiration board.

Here is my finished product:

I would love to see yours!

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