Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October Goals

I can't believe it is October already- can you?!

With school starting, kids activities- WOW- it was time to start thinking about what I want my October to look like and set some goals.

I write down my goals each week of what I want to accomplish during the week,

but I wanted to do better on writing down my monthly goals.

So I am keeping myself accountable on my Blog

and hope to inspire you to write down your goals as well!

Do you like to set goals? weekly/monthly or just whenever you think of it?

Well here are mine:

  • FHE board- who is doing what in our lessons- 
we have started to have our oldest do a lesson once a month

  • Play more games
  • Be Active- clean up yard/rake leaves, play catch/throw

  • Start a plan for Christmas gifts
  • Run a 5k
  • Complete Whole 30 Challenge

  • Food Storage clean out/Emergency Preparedness- Water!

  • Marketing plan with my brother- email set up

I would love to hear your goals for October!

Thanks for checking in,


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  1. These are great goals! I'm going to make out a list as well!