Wednesday, October 28, 2015

{Guest Post- Shambray's Blog} POSITIVE CHANGE

I am excited to have a very inspirational post written by a great Mom I personally know. Shambray has been blogging for over a year now and she is such a great positive person. She is a busy working Mother of two cute baby girls. She blogs at Shambray . . .
 Here is her post about how to turn your chaos and thoughts into positive thoughts.

This week….well let’s just say it has been a rough one.  My house is a complete disaster, my newborn has been extra fussy, we have Halloween festivities that I might have over-scheduled, I haven’t had a date night with my husband in far too long, work is absolutely crazy, and I am doing all this on little sleep.  AHHHHH!  So I thought to myself, “What can I do to make this week a positive week and not leave me feeling drained and a failure?”
I tend to constantly see myself as failing.  I tend to get angry at myself over little things.  Then I take my frustration out on my sweet family.  They don’t deserve that.  So I needed to come up with a solution and I needed to do it fast.
Luckily, I have goals this month that can help me do just that.  I have been slacking on my goals this month and I wanted to fix that.  Some of my goals were inspired by a blog post that a contributor of my blog posted at the end of September.  I loved the post so much and wanted to put it into action.  So I incorporated some of the habits from that post into my October goals.

Today I will mention two of the five habits that we all should strive to have in our lives.  The first one I need to mention here because it is so important to Melissa and to this blog.  That is exercise.  Exercise can change our attitude completely.  It can help us have more energy and it can help us be more positive.  That is probably because we actually FEEL better.

The other habit I wanted to mention is meditation.  On my blog it goes into specifics, but it states that this doesn’t have to be difficult.  Meditation is merely focusing on your breathing.  You do not need to make it more complicated than that.  Honestly, that is complicated enough for me.  My mind tends to wander.  I set a goal to get to 1 minute of meditation a day.  Well I do not think I am going to get to that point.  I am still trying to meditate for 15 seconds without my mind worrying about something or thinking of something else.  Go ahead laugh if you want.  I am trying though and the days I can mediate are better days. 

I want to go back to my question that I asked myself earlier, “What can I do to make this week a positive week and not leave me feeling drained and a failure?”  I am so glad that I recognized my attitude at the beginning of this week and challenged myself to fix the problem before it got out of hand.  I am now seeing positive changes in my week and the week isn’t even over yet.  I hope it continues to get better and better! 

Thanks for your thoughts Shambray about making a positive change. It all comes with the choices we make and the positive thoughts we will have in each moment and turning them into positive actions.  As busy Moms we can make choices each day to better ourselves and each responsibility we have. Because we have a lot of them!

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