Saturday, October 31, 2015

November Goals & recap of my October

Here is a review of my Oct Goals . . .

  • FHE board- filled out and used!
  •  My blog posts put onto my Pinterest page! 
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  • Plan out Christmas Gifts- keeping it simple this year:
Something they want, Something they need, Something to wear, Something to Read
And planning out family, grandparents, neighbor gifts that are thoughtful and
we will be making most of them.

  • We went on walks, bike rides, catch and throw! Love being active with my kids.
  • Food Storage/Emergency Prep- set up a plan for our water, have a 50 gallon water jug for our garage, just need to fill it up with solution and put it on a wooden dolly.
  • Also, getting back into coupons, I have been buying groceries on sale, but want to get back into saving money and building my food storage, so set up a plan for November!
  • I have been running and just completed my 5k last night! Wahoo it was so fun!

I fell really good overall with accomplishing my goals. I didn't do them perfect, but I got thinking about most of them and set up a plan! One thing I didn't do was get on a Whole 30 plan- I did shop and eat healthy foods, but didn't follow the plan exactly.

Now for my November Goals!

I am ready to set me some big goals- I have been a working from home MOM for almost a full YEAR! I signed up to be a Beachbody/Health & Fitness Coach on November 10th 2014 and it has been so awesome helping myself with my goals, but also help and inspire others. This is the best job! As coaches we work from home while taking care of our family, taking care of ourselves- getting in our workout, healthy eating and Personal Development. I have learned so much this year on how to set goals, break them down and ACHIEVE them!

Along with my Coaching/Business Goals,

I of course have set some Personal/Family Goals . . .

 I am going to start stocking up on food storage and the food we eat through couponing more and saving money each month for necessities for Emergency.

I also want to start a scripture reading program/ journaling called 40 day Walk with Christ, I printed it out last year and didn't do it, so it is a goal to complete the full 40 days!

I also want to do better at my meal prep on weekends before the week hits!  I have been slacking a bit lately.

And my plan for Christmas is to figure out what the kids want and need, along with Us, Grandparents, etc. And put together our thoughts and ideas and get started on projects and shopping!

I am excited to stick to my goals and take it a day at a time!

What are your goals for November?

Thanks for checking in,


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