Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My 1 year Anniversary!

1 year ago today I started my blog.

1 year ago today I started my fitness journey.

1 year ago today I started Coaching others with their health & fitness.

When I began my journey I wanted to work on myself, get healthier, exercise more, have more energy.

And along with that, encourage others to do the same.

I wanted to help my family. I wanted to be an example.

I also wanted to help to bring in extra income to help out with sudden expenses, pay down debt, be more financially secure. And also take my family on vacations.

Well I am so happy to say that I have done all of these things.

Through hard work and dedication I have been able to have more energy to do it all.
 To take care of my family as a Stay at Home/Working Mom.  With the support of my family.  And all the while doing this only a couple hours in the morning, and while my little guy napped and girls off to school!

I started out drinking Shakeology and exercising to Turbo Fire, and then 21 day fix program.

More about my transformation here


I have also been able to earn some money each month to pay for my Shakeology, plus more.

When I started my goal was to pay for it, and then it progressed.

My first paycheck was $60, it was getting my parents started on their journey.  They both have lost a combined total of 80 lbs. Amazing!

In my first month of Coaching I made $146.88, this helped me to pay for my Shakeology & workout program- my Turbo Fire Challenge pack which helped me to lose my stubborn 10 lbs.

By Month 6 I had made $2,850.26.

And now a year into this I have made $4,707.16 total to date.

My goal was to make $5,000 by the end of 2015, I am almost there!

I have been able to pay for our Disneyland Vacation back in February, Brady's Alaska trip in August, as well as pay for car expenses and help pay down debt. It has felt so great to be able to contribute and have some play money too. We have been able to not feel so strapped like before.

Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for the most recent information on our Coaches' actual incomes.

I can't believe I have been coaching for 1 year today! 

What a fun, rewarding job I have. And to be part of a Team where I have learned so much! I have learned how to set goals, dream big, and help others to be healthy & fit.

I have never been so active in all my life thanks to Coaching and Beachbody programs. And the biggest thing I have noticed are my energy levels. I can get up early- which didn't happen before. And I don't have that afternoon slump where I just want to take a nap!

I run Challenge groups each month. They are fun, motivating and what my participants don't know is that they are inspiring to me when I see and read and hear what successes they have. It keeps me going!

I now not only help myself to stay active, eat healthier, drink more water.  But I have been able to help other Mom's/Dad's to get into shape from home and help those that want to work from home and do what I do, earning extra income, paying for their Shakeology and getting Fit both physically and financially.

I am thankful for this journey. I am thankful for this past year and what I have learned. I can't wait to help more Women/Men. It has been amazing! I am looking for those that want to earn extra income, want to be healthier. I am looking for those that are Ready and dedicated. And I will show you what I have learned! Come join me! It will change your life, just like it has changed mine!

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Belief in Yourself

I am excited about this guest post today because it teaches us

a lot about what we can do if we have Belief in ourselves

and with that one thing, we can accomplish so much!

So head on over as I am posting today about what you need to do as a Busy Mom

to always make sure that your day starts and ends with Belief in Yourself.

click here for the post

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