Thursday, December 10, 2015

December Goals

I am a little late on sharing my Review of my November goals

and my goals for December!

My big Goal for November was to start saving money with coupons.

I have been saving around 50% of my grocery bill and it has been great!

I started on the 40-day Walk with Christ, but am only on Day 5 since I have had 
two Young Women lessons I took time preparing for, but I have now jumped back into it.

We are almost done with Christmas. How about you?
Our neighborhood is forgoing gifts this year and having a little get together on 
Monday night around the campfire with hot-choco and bringing a can of food(s) or 
clothing to give to those in need.

Now for my goal for DECEMBER!

 1.  Continue with 40-day walk with Christ
2. Maintain my weight (those dang sweets!)
3. I have already started thinking about my New Years Resolutions,
and every year I have the same one that I never accomplish- that is to
start playing the piano again. Well this year I am going to get a head start and buy
the flashcards and then teach Kate as I relearn what I have lost.
4.  Declutter again- I don't have a lot, but some areas have gotten bad again. And I need
to badly declutter my Christmas stuff.
5. Have a wonderful time together with friends and family enjoying what 
really matters.

What are your goals for this Month and the NEW YEAR?

Thanks for checking in,