Thursday, February 11, 2016

Take the time to be Active in the Winter

My dreams lately have been consisting of green grass, camping, boating, warmth, and SUN!

The winter blues are not to be talked about lightly. Am I right?

This time of year has me down and since we have been sick, and finally feeling better. I am ready to get back to my workouts so I can get me feeling back to normal. 

There are HUGE benefits to getting in your exercise during the winter. 

And feeling like yourself and motivated is one of them! 

Exercising inside won't get you out into the Sun, but on cold days, that's quite all right with me.

Thankfully you can exercise indoors and still get those endorphins released to help you feeling happier and more with the program to take care of you and in turn take care of your littles.

Try some exercises from Pinterest, or try some on You Tube. 

If you are looking for a 30-90 day program, with your own Personal Trainer cheering you on.

Contact me and I can help you decide just the right one for you!

Exercising in the Winter is so important for you to stay Sane.

You're hearing me- right Mom's!

Thanks for checking in,