Thursday, September 29, 2016

My lazy week

Yes! I said it! I am keeping myself accountable here and to do that I told myself I am going to share how I am doing with my goals. 

I have been lazy this week. I ended last week with a fun bike ride with my family. 

But when Monday rolled around and I didn't get in my workout at 7 am when I have scheduled it. It started my week off very bad.

I kept putting it off and had to go grocery shopping. I did buy healthy food.

And now it is Thursday and I have done one workout so far this week. Ahh! 

Good thing my Beat the Treats Challenge is coming, because this is also an area I need help with!!

Learning to tell yourself and others no to sweets and treats is hard. But we are doing it this month in our quarterly contest where you can earn cash just by losing weight! With 10 lbs or more to lose, we are giving away cash to those that lose 6% or more body weight loss. I love these contests! They keep me, our team and our challengers motivated! We help each other to stay accountable. Comment below or message me for the info. It starts next Monday! So excited!!

Thanks for checking in!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Weekly update {September 21, 2016}

I am going to be sharing little tidbits of my journey on my blog. It helps to keep me accountable and I like to write things down and read back through to see my progress or something I need to work on.  My plan is to share with you once a week my goals and how I did with my progress from the last week I shared.

Since I began my health & fitness journey of getting healthier and losing weight back in November 2014. I needed something. I was stuck at a plateau that I had been stuck at since I had my first child back in 2007. In 3 months (and over the holidays) I had crushed through my plateau and in February 2015 I had lost 10 stubborn pounds by working out 5 times a week for 30-40 mins, drinking shakeology and eating healthy meals. I had started Coaching and using Beachbody workout program Turbo Fire and 21 day fix.  It was an amazing thing to work on myself and feel great again.

I am almost to those holidays again- and I have put the weight back on. For various reasons I have lost motivation. One big one is the monthly disappointment of not getting pregnant. I finally had my doctor appointment and got on my prenatal vitamins and have left it all up to the Lord and his timing of when it is right to bring our last and final child into our family. I know it will happen when it is supposed to. So now I am stressing less and ready to get back to being more consistent. I have been working out and drinking my shakeology so I am glad that hasn't stopped. I still feel healthy except for the lack of motivation to say no to treats when truly I don't even want them. I have just been in a mental fog and didn't care. My meals/snacks have been mostly healthy choices. But my goals for getting the weight off again are to push myself in my workouts more. Workout 5 times a week, not just 3. And to stay in control. I am capable of doing this. I have the support and accountability of my team and my coach. And I am inviting others in the process to share this journey together! We can do this! I am going to be involved in our next Contest- Beat the Treats Biggest Slim Down Contest starting on October 3rd. Who would like to join in with me to be accountable to our exercise and healthy eating?

Thanks for checking in and being on this journey with me!