Saturday, February 11, 2017

Where have you been Melissa??

Well . . . a lot has happened since I last wrote here on my blog.  

Our family moved out of our home of 12 years. 
It's where my husband and I moved into when we first got married.
It's where we brought home each of our babies.
It's where we had many ups and downs.

But mostly, it's where we learned a lot and grew through it all- TOGETHER!

Here is our daughter listening to my husbands  CD walkman we found while packing up
and cleaning out the Garage.

We are excited for the new change, new neighborhood, new school. Dad is also super close to work. We are excited to see our house that we decided what we wanted it to be- be built!

Our foundation went in this week! Wahoo!

Life has been crazy.  Busy adjusting to living with others.  Keeping the kids occupied during that winter months. Patiently, or should I say- Impatiently waiting for our house to break ground.

But we are excited and I am happy to share with you my plans for this Blog.

I plan to put more of my lifestyle in it. I love sharing memories, thoughts, goals, the future, fun, etc. 

But of course I will continue to share being a busy Mom while being healthy and happy - all while taking on such a huge role for your family.

It helps me to learn a lot from you too as we go through this together!!

Thanks for checking in,


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