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Healthy Meal Plans
for Families

You can try my out my Meal Plan

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It will send you your first FREE meal plan through your email. 
It is a PDF file so you can print it out and give it a shot.
 If you decide you would like to continue, then sign up through the link on your email from me.
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If you order my weekly meal plans monthly for $3.95 this is what you get:
  •  Every meal and snacks planned out for you and your family so you can eat Healthy!
  • Shopping list already written out for you, you just  (X) by the number of people in your family.
  • Answers to any questions you may have- just email me at melika22 {at}
  • Private Facebook Group- those who have access to my weekly meal plans are part of this group and can be notified of updates, ask questions and can comment and share their ideas! 
How I am Like Deals2Meals:
  • Just like deals to meals lists recipes from what ingredients are on sale each week, I DO TOO!!! So you will save money shopping the sales and fruits/vegetables in season!
  • I also have this blog you can follow along with the facebook private group.
  • I share YUMMY recipes with you
How I am Different from Deals2Meals:
  • My meal plan is Healthy! What more could you want! :) Every recipe chooses healthy ingredients and makes sure you are getting in the nutrients your body needs.
  • You get all meals and recipes including breakfast, 2 daily snacks, lunch, dinner and you betcha- one weekend healthy dessert!
My Tips for you!
  •  Use or they have an APP for your phone too! I love it! You can see the ingredients that you need for the week and how much they are on Sale!
  • Price Match at Walmart and any other grocery store in your area that allows this service. 
Thank you for trying out my FREE Healthy Meal Plan and let me know if you have any questions!
Also- Please share with any family or friends that you think would benefit from this.
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