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Erin is a Mother of 3 and started coaching to improve her life as well as others!
"My before pictures here were taken the end of February. The difference is not quite 3 months! 3 MONTHS!!! This is crazy to me because if I wouldn't have started 3 months ago, where would I be? I remember thinking it was going to take forever to feel more confident and yet just three months down the road and I see the pictures and am blown away! I don't say this to brag, truly. I am proud of how far I have come but I post this here in hopes of inspiring someone. Start NOW! Get rid of all your excuses and start now. If you don't have time, then find it. If you are too tired, working out will improve your energy. If you don't feel well enough, working out will help your body to feel better. If you can't afford it or If you are not sure on how to pay for a workout program, message me on what I do to pay for mine! 21 day fix is 30 minutes. You can find 30 minutes to work out! I promise you it will better your life, better your confidence and help you in every aspect of your life!! "

I am a busy mom of two kids ages 1 & 3, I stay home and take care of our family household.  My husband likes to call me the CEO of the Hill house :)
I was very active growing up. I was a Cheerleader throughout high school, ran track, and I paddled (canoe race) when I lived in Hawaii, I never had trouble with my weight.
Then I went to college and gained my Freshman 15 plus some! I really started to notice that my bad eating habits were catching up to me.  I got married at 25 and I had my first baby at 27.  I gained 45 lbs.  I went from 130’s to 196 the day my son was born.
For 2 years after my son was born I struggled with my weight.   I was in a very dark and depressed place in my life.  The one person in the world who I counted on for so much in my life passed away one month after I had my son, my Dad.  I had no idea how I was going to survive it, he was EVERYTHING to me, I was a complete daddy’s girl.  
My depression was so bad, it was combined with post partum and the passing of my dad.  My hormones, weight and life was spinning out of control.  I went to the doctor to see if there was something I could do to feel better.  They took a blood sample and found out I had Hypothyroidism.  It was very off and causing a lot of my depression, crazy moods and inability to lose weight.
After I was able to get my hormones balanced I started to notice some weight loss, but it was still very difficult.  I was up late one night and saw an infomercial on a home workout called Brazil Butt Lift and I had to have it! I wanted my body back and a Brazil Butt of course! Lol, so I ordered it.
I didn't know how to lose weight since I never had to before. I wanted to find a way to get in shape that wasn't a quick fix. I wanted a lifestyle change. I was able to get back down to 140lbs which was awesome!
Then, I had my second baby and I gained it all back plus some.  I was 206 lbs when I had my daughter.  I struggled with post partum depression again and it developed into more depression for 2 years after.  I felt like I had lost who I was, I stayed home day in and day out and never wanted to go anywhere.  I cried everyday feeling overwhelmed with the kids, housework and poopy diapers.  I never really wanted to go out or do anything. I really felt worthless and I was desperate to find a deeper purpose for my life.
I knew that if I could work on my diet and exercise more I would feel better.  I started small with taking walks around the block.  I was completely out of breathe just doing that.  Then, I decided to do crunches while I watched tv, squats while I was doing laundry and other housework.  I eventually started finding workout videos online to do and I got stronger and started losing weight again.  I made a decision to just keep going and not focus on my weight, just focus on being healthy.
Then I found another home workout that was even better than Brazil Butt Lift and worked for my mom schedule (only 30 minute workouts), a simple nutrition plan and a support system to really help me stay accountable.
I felt awesome, and wanted to help others. So I started coaching women (and a few men), and other moms just like me to lose weight, get fit, gain confidence and create a lifestyle change. I started coaching in Feb. 2015, and I've been doing that ever since!  I have never had a job more fulfilling than this! It has been life changing! - Kaili

"I've tried many weight lose programs in the past, and while I've always lost weight, I've always gained it back as soon as I started eating regular foods again. A few months ago, I started just trying to eat healthy and clean, but I had no idea how much to eat, or what to eat. I wanted a program that was a lifestyle change, not some quick fix diet. A friend told me about the 21 day fix and it sounded exactly like what I was looking for. I already was working out 5 to 6 days a week, so I decided to go with the Extreme Plan. I was a little worried that I wouldn't like the workouts, because I've always hated working out at home. I actually love the workouts and I still do them, they really helped me tone up. When doing the 21 day fix program, I highly recommend adding in the Shakeology. It really made a huge difference for me in the way I felt and it really improved my digestion. I lost 4 lbs. in the first 3 days of the program and I really think it was because of the Shakeology. I loved everything about the 21 day fix extreme program and I still continue to drink Shakeology daily and follow the eating plan as closely as I can. I will admit that the 21 days was challenging, but it was the easiest diet i've done. I've told all my friends and family about it and I'm so happy that I now know what to eat and how much too eat." - Kristy I.

"Why I did the challenge: I haven't felt like I'm the best version of myself for a while. I've been tired a lot and have needed a dr. Pepper everyday just to mentally and physically make it through the the day. I knew I was capable of much more and wanted to wake up in the morning feeling good not still tired.
I also have a bladder condition called interstitial cystis or "IC" for short. Basically I have holes in the lining of my bladder and toxins can get in and irritate my bladder. I also have to go to the restroom more frequent. If I don't go when I feel the first inkling then I will be in terrible pain. This is so much more than a bladder infection. There are other things that can irritate my bladder and cause me to be in pain/have a flare up such as: sitting too long, that special time of the month, exercising (specifically running or anything that can be high impact), food, etc. needless to say it's been a frustrating thing to deal with. I was diagnosed 9 years ago and it will never go away. There are only a couple of prescriptions out there for IC and the results differ for everyone with IC. For me the prescriptions make it worse. My Dr. did direct me to some aloe Vera supplements which help manage the pain but they don't prevent flare ups. A flare up can come on fast and when they do it's painful. I have to lay down flat on my back with an ice pack and do nothing. Any movement can cause pain. Anyways, because food can cause flare ups I wanted to start eating cleaner and healthier and see if that helped reduce my flare ups. I also needed more energy and was tired of needing caffeine to help me make it through the day. So, when Melissa approached me about trying the challenge I jumped in feet first and haven't looked back.
I did the 22 Minute Hard Corp challenge with the Chocolate flavor shakeology. I love, love, love this workout. It was amazing and the way I feel while drinking shakeology is amazing.
Of course not every day was a piece of cake but it was easier than i expected. Having the support group to give me words of encouragement was amazing and honestly I am not one to post about my life and daily activities on facebook but did so for the challenge and I was overwhelmed with the support and encouragement I received from so many of my friends and family. The meal plans from Melissa were probably the best thing about the challenge. I didn't have to try and come up with meals and get discouraged about what I was eating. I knew she had my best interest at heart and wanted me to succeed and gave me the tools to do so. If I was feeling frustrated or discouraged I would text Melissa and she would get back to me with advice and encouragement." - Cindi B.

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