Monday, November 17, 2014

WHO wants to live a Healthier Lifestyle!

Many women give OF themselves more than they give TO themselves.  This is very common in a Mother. And this is very common in a woman who was made by God to nurture and multitask so that she can take care of the people in her life. So we as women, put our family first and then by the time our kids or our spouse has been taken care of, we have little time for our-self. 

I love the book


written by Kathryn Sansone

It is a great book I have read and re-read for years. If you want to borrow it let me know. 
It is about how she juggles her 10 children, yet still has time for herself and her and her families health. It is a quick read and she breaks it down on how she manages her time in order to put her first, but yet take care of herself always.

So, we know it is important to take the time to do the things daily that will help our health like exercising and eating healthy, getting enough sleep, taking our vitamins, etc. 

This blog will be full of healthy tips for you, support, and motivation to help you in your journey toward a healthy and happier life. My Challenge groups through facebook are more one-on-one coaching, so get with me to be added to my next one!

My weekly meal plans will also be a great benefit to you so that you have each meal planned out for the day throughout the week.  I will also be blogging about how to be consistent and plan out your weekly meals and your exercise routine.


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  1. I NEED to read this book. Especially if it is a quick read. Those are always nice, because I never have time to read.